Do you allow public use of your facility or arena's?

  • No, our arena and facility is reserved for our boarders only.

Are any kind of riding lessons offered at B&B Stables?

  • We do not currently offer any riding lessons or services, our focus is boarding and the upkeep of the facility for their use.

What is required for my horse to board at B&B Stables?

  • Generally your horse is required to have a Coggins test done, and be up to date on vaccinations before you will be allowed to board.

As a boarder, can I have a friend or trainer trailer in a horse to ride with me?

  • Unfortunately no, although we would love for our boarders to have this opportunity we run into the same problems as opening our facility for public use, which is health concerns for our boarding horses, and taking away space and time from our other boarders.

As a boarder, can I have a trainer work with me and my horse?​

  • Absolutely, we do not offer any other services other than boarding, so if you wish to have a trainer come work with you or ride your horse you are welcome to do so.

Do you do any overnight boarding?​

  • We do not.  

Do you have trailer parking?​

  • We do, however our space is limited so our parking is on a first come first serve bases.